Lori Butterworth, Dec. 14: Will the new tax law strangle charitable giving?

As we approach the end of the year, those of us who run local nonprofits are biting our nails reading predictions about how the proposed tax bill will affect charitable giving.... more

Movie Review: Franco fantastic in shedding light on failure in 'The Disaster Artist'

James Franco made a movie about possibly the worst movie ever made, and somehow it might be his best movie to date. I don’t know how he did it but I do know that “The Disaster Artist” is a fantastic film about friendship that will make you care and laugh at the same time.... more


From the editor's desk, Dec. 12: Land is filling up in Watsonville

Watsonville has been down in the dumps recently, and I mean that in the most literal way possible.... more

Greg Caput, Dec. 12: A year in review

As the year comes to end, I want to take a moment to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season. I also want to share some of the county’s major initiatives we’ve been working on during the past year.... more

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 9: Made in the USA

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 9, 2017... more


Abel Mejia, Dec. 9: Winter of discontent

Dec. 6, 2017 marked the one-year anniversary of the teacher’s union contract campaign for a decent raise on our salary schedule and the cap on our health and welfare benefits.... more

Watsonville mayor's update, December 2017

Watsonville mayor's update, December 2017... more

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7: What we eat and drink

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7, 2017... more

Movie Review: 'Lady Bird' is a real, funny, moving coming-of-age story

“Lady Bird” is a story about people, about finding one’s self and about being comfortable in one’s skin. There are no real villains, there’s hardly any fluff and there are no end-of-the-world stakes here — even if the titular character feels as if everything happening to her might as well mark the end of times. This film is real. It doesn’t pander to its audience and it takes its time to build up its characters, which carry it from start to credits. ... more


Todd Guild, Dec. 5: Reflections on help in the wake of a crash

In what felt like a fraction of a second, I heard my wife scream and a crunching-banging sound I later learned mostly came from the car’s airbags inflating.... more

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 2: Trail and rail?

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 2, 2017... more

Letter to the Editor, Nov. 30: American Legion thanks K&D Landscaping

Letter to the Editor, Nov. 30, 2017... more

Movie Review: ‘Coco’ is a masterful love letter to Mexican culture

No other movie has quite captured the “family-comes-first” Mexican culture — both the good and the bad that comes with it — that is engrained in who I am. “Coco” is like a love letter to the culture, those who grew up in it and those who appreciate it. There is hardly any pandering here. All references and cameos — there are some great ones that I won’t spoil — range from well-done to perfect. ... more

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 28: Celebrating the holidays, Watsonville-style

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 28, 2017... more


From the editor's desk, Nov. 28: Judge’s decision a win for Watsonville

Watsonville scored a big win at the hands of a federal judge last week.... more


John Skinner, Nov. 21: How Trump is making America great again

When Donald Trump began his run for the office of president with the slogan “Make America Great Again,” my thought was, “When was America not great? What is wrong with the country?”... more