From the editor's desk, Oct. 17: A disastrous series of events

Too close to home, the deadliest wildfires in California’s history are destroying lives and scorching the northern areas of the state.... more

Watsonville mayor's update, October 2017

Watsonville Mayor's Update, October 2017... more

Letter to the Editor, Oct. 14: Safeguarding the election processes in America

Letter to the Editor, Oct. 14, 2017... more


Jimmy Dutra: METRO’s dramatic recovery maintains viable public transit options for county residents

Three years ago, in 2014, Santa Cruz METRO, your county public transit system, was in dire financial straits, with insolvency being a real threat within a couple of years.... more

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 12: Take a knee why?

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 12, 2017... more

Movie Review: 'Battle of the Sexes' misses mark

Emma Stone is a terrific actress but there’s something off about her performance as Billie Jean King in “Battle of the Sexes.” Stone (“The Help,” “La La Land”) never blends into the role of the tennis superstar turned women’s rights activist. The look is off and, more importantly, the attitude never feels like classic King. I don’t think this is Stone’s fault — not completely — but because of this “Battle of the Sexes,” co-directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, ends up feeling like cosplay.... more


Abel Mejia: PVUSD needs to rearrange priorities

After reading the PVUSD’s Oct. 5 offer to certificated staff, I was further disappointed by their lack of bargaining in good faith. The district continues to have its priorities in the wrong order.... more


Sesario Escoto: Why Spanish-speaking and Latino volunteers are important for youth in foster care

The parents of 13-year-old “Esmerelda” were desperately trying to keep her safe, as the girl was acting out and exhibiting high-risk behaviors. However, the parents had their own struggle with alcohol, and one night things escalated into physical violence, and the police were called.... more

On my mind, Oct. 7: The season changes

Since I grew up on the east coast I’ll boast only for a moment that I feel lucky to have grown up with seasons: fall was fall, with its flurry of yellow and brown leaves and swirling winds; winter always meant a few snow flurries, and then a bunch of heavy duty snow storms, which meant a pretty good snow pack, roadside snow piles and slush along the side of the road where the snow plows shoveled the snow out of the way. And spring was a blaze of green grass and flowers.... more

Letter to the Editor, Oct. 7: Tragic incident needs full investigation

Letter to the Editor, Oct. 7, 2017... more

Letter to the Editor, Sept. 26: Oppose the Graham-Cassidy proposal

Letter to the Editor, Sept. 26, 2017... more


From the editor's desk, Sept. 26: Mexico disasters a sobering reminder

With a 7.1 magnitude earthquake killing more than 300 people in Mexico last week, and an 8.1 magnitude quake striking the southern end of the country earlier in the month, killing nearly 100, a sense of dread is rising throughout California.... more

Letters to the Editor policy

The Register-Pajaronian welcomes letters. Letters and columns may be dropped off or mailed to the Register-Pajaronian, 100 Westridge Drive, Watsonville, CA 95076.... more


From the editor's desk, Sept. 19: PV High overcomes major hurdle

After more than a decade of lawsuits, angry meetings and countless students graduating without having experienced a complete high school, it finally happened.... more


Woody Rehanek: Science proves pesticide’s destructive nature

For the last 18 years, I taught a special education class in the Pajaro Valley. Many of my students were farmworker children with learning disabilities: problems paying attention, reading difficulties, hyperactivity, autism, lower IQ and struggles with self-control. I was shocked to discover that one of the most widely used pesticides in the world — chlorpyrifos — has, after over 20 years of solid research at UC Davis, Berkeley, Columbia University and elsewhere, been linked to these difficulties in learning and behavior. ... more