Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7: What we eat and drink

What we eat and drink

To the Editor,

It’s amazing what some people will eat and not eat and drink and not drink. Coca-Cola has been advertising their Coke now tasting just as good with no sugar. Then why did they put sugar in it before?

Red wine will start the digestive process early on and raw garlic will keep your pipes open, but the garlic has to be raw. All us kids had goat’s milk and we are all above average height. My cousin and his fellow tennis players are all in the 6-foot-8 range, and so are the basketball players who came over from Yugoslavia. All brought upon goat’s milk. But it probably isn’t all that easy to find in this country, and I doubt the kids would drink it. My dad would not give a cat cow’s milk, and what happened to goat meat and rabbit?

There’s a place up among the redwoods that has a mountain oyster feed once a year. If you are invited you are in for a treat. I have had them at the Del Monte for preferred customers and they are delicious.

A lady at the camp said, “I have never had these before.” I asked if she had ever eaten a hot dog. She said “I have, and I love them.” Then you have eaten them or something else possibly close to them. A guy on TV once said, “I just love hot dogs, but please don’t tell me what they put in them or I would have to quit eating them.”

Anthony Ivelich



A clear and pending danger

To the Editor,

The worst case rail and trail scenario will not be cost overruns and disappointed ridership, but loss of lives. Mixing 3-year-olds dashing in all directions within feet of a moving train would bring stressful situations and even disasters.

Illustrations show trains traveling next to families roaming along a misleading contiguous “wall” to maintain “safety.” The reality is that this “safety net” is not contiguous. At every railroad crossing, major openings exist. While cars slow to safer speeds at crossings and some even come to a stop, trains never allow for unscheduled stops or even slow down unnecessarily, so unfortunately, that will make for a clear and present danger.

Let’s put the ultimate value on quality of life and safety of the family. Let’s expedite the trail-only common sense implementation as soon as possible. Other means need to evolve to genuinely alleviate traffic in a safer manner.

Bob Fifield



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