Cabrillo server hacked

Students’ personal information stolen

APTOS — An “unauthorized person” hacked into a Cabrillo College server, stealing personal information from select students, the college announced Friday.

On Sept. 5, Cabrillo became aware of a recent hack into one of its servers, according to spokeswoman Kristin Fabos. When the school became aware of the hack, the servers were immediately shut down and an investigation began.

The hacked database contained student orientation information including names, dates of birth, email addresses, passwords, usernames and Social Security numbers.

The college partnered with a nationally known law firm that is experienced in these types of situations, according to Fabos.

Students who have been affected have access to a call center for information. Alongside the call center, Cabrillo is notifying possibly affected students and guiding them on how they can protect themselves.

Select individuals will also be offered a complimentary one-year membership in credit monitoring and identity theft protection services.

Due to the incident, Cabrillo has enhanced its security of the orientation system and has created a more secure password storage system, according to Fabos

Fabos did not return calls for further comment as of press time.

Those with questions or concerns can call 888-396-9528, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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